Longarm Rental

You have pieced so many quilts that they are piling up on every available shelf, and you are tired of paying someone else to long-arm quilt them. The thought of pushing a queen-size quilt through a small sewing machine throat seems more trouble than you can imagine. The fact is, you’d like to say “I quilted it myself” from start to finish.

What can you do? Come and finish your quilt on one of our new APQS longarm quilting machines. All you need to do is to take the certification class at our store from one of our instructors.


Rent for only $20 an hour and finish your quilt for $80 or less. Eighty dollars is the maximum you will pay for a day's rental. Come and finish your quilt your way.


Call 909-758-8707 for time and dates of classes, and register today.

In this four hour class, you will gain hands-on experience to prepare you for renting one of our APQS machines. Learn preparation of your quilt, how to load your quilt, how to do freehand and pantograph quilting, and how to complete your quilt. The Class is only $150.00; call today and register.
Certification Class